About Midnight Masshristmas is a time to exchange gifts, spend time with family and friends, and indulge in traditional festive delicacies. On top of all the fun fare, many Christians like to usher in the Christmas season in style – by celebrating Midnight Mass on Christmas Eve. Read on to learn more about Midnight Mass.

Most churches have Midnight Mass on Christmas Eve and Christians flock to these venues all around the world with family and friends in tow. Midnight Mass is a very special tradition for Christians who gather to commemorate the birth of Jesus Christ.

Midnight Mass is not a tradition exclusive to the Catholic church as is the common belief. And, many churches refer to their Christmas Eve service as Midnight Mass. Churches rarely celebrate Midnight Mass at midnight as the name implies. Most churches have a set time in the evening between 9:30 p.m. and 11:30 p.m. on December 24th. Some churches have it earlier in the evening to allow parents to bring children who love the thrill of Christmas lights and decorations.

Midnight Mass on Christmas Eve

The singing of Christmas carols, Nativity plays, candle lighting and ringing of church bells characterize Midnight Mass. Biblical readings focus on the birth of Christ and some churches hold processions before Midnight Mass. Most churches have a Mass or Service on Christmas day. It similar to those held on other Sundays, only that the focus of the liturgy is the birth of Christ. Midnight Mass is a major attraction for worshipers because it differs from all the other masses.

During Christmas Eve Mass, the pews are full with the faithful singing along to Silent Night, O Holy Night and listening to soloists sing popular Christmas carols. Some churches have Nativity plays that tell the birth of Jesus in the manger featuring Mary, Joseph, and the Wise Men.

Midnight Mass Celebration

Each church decorates the venue of the Mass with Christmas trees, angels, baubles and different colored lights which spice up the evening. Sometimes worshipers carry candles and the traditional lighting system gets a break. Children particularly enjoy the different lights and get an excuse to be away from home on Christmas Eve.

After Midnight Mass, everyone wishes others around them a Merry Christmas before heading home. The Christmas spirit is clear in every smile, hug and handshake. Midnight Mass on Christmas Eve is a tradition that is alive and well all over the world. It attracts many people who want to witness the stunning celebration.

Midnight Mass on Christmas Eve is a delightful holiday event and worshipers of every denomination are welcome. This year, enjoy the splendor of Midnight Mass at a place of worship near you and share the beauty of Christmas with family and friends.

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